’74 Chevy Truck Project


In 1996 I bought this 1974 Chevy truck for $150.  I wanted to fix it up and use it as my daily driver so I could get rid of a new truck payment since my first child was on the way and my wife was about to quit working.  The photos below tell the restoration story.  When my third child, Nathan, was born I traded the truck into a dealership to get something that I could carry the whole family in.  After spending $11k on the restoration, I only got $4k for it when I traded it off…sad day.  Nathan is now 16 and has the same interests in older, square-body Chevy trucks as I do.  After three years of searching…I found my old truck.  The Story continues below…

First restoration over 20 years ago:

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Truck 0107092015 Truck 1407092015  Truck 107092015Truck 307092015Truck 0307092015Truck 1707092015

Truck 207092015Truck 1807092015

Truck 0507092015Truck 02207092015

Truck 607092015Truck 0607092015

Truck 507092015Truck 0707092015

Truck 707092015Truck 1907092015

Truck 807092015Truck 907092015

Truck 1007092015Truck 01007092015

Truck 02007092015Truck 2007092015

Truck 001107092015Truck 01107092015

Truck 1107092015Truck 1307092015

Truck 01307092015 Truck 1207092015

Truck 01207092015Truck 01907092015

Truck 02107092015 


The Rest of the Story:

I located the truck in Christian Pass, Mississippi rusting to the ground, beaten and forgotten.  Mr. Walker owned the truck now and had replaced the small block 400 with a 350 crate motor.  Unfortunately, the truck had been involved in few fender benders and after only putting a few thousand miles on the new engine, the truck was put out to pasture and sat rusting for the next 10 years.  After locating Mr. Walker through his friend, Mr. Ward, Mr. Walker agreed to sell me the truck for $500 and I headed to Mississippi to pick it up.  It was my intention to bring the truck home and surprise my son by fixing a few things on it as a father-son project and giving it to him when he turns 16 in July 2016.  The truck, however, was so beat up and rusted I couldn’t bring myself to even spend $500 on it.  But Mr. Walker so liked the idea of my son and I restoring the truck (me, for the second time) that he decided to just give the truck to me.  And so it begins.  The pictures below will chronicle the second restoration of this sentimental pickup.  Check back for more photos as the journey unfolds!

How I found it the second time:

IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2186 IMG_2187IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2191 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2203


Some of the new parts:


The tear down begins:



Time to begin the rebuild:


My son and my nephew getting the gunk out of the engine: